The Connacht Hotel


The green team in the Connacht Hotel are once again taking action to help empowers visitors to be able choose “Greener” hospitality. We are working with environmental charity “Hometree”, a registered charity that plants a native Irish trees, and for as little as 50 cent per night guests this summer can offset their carbon footprint.

100% of this voluntary contribution will go to Hometree, who’s aim it is conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration and education. We have calculated the average guest at the Connacht Hotel generates 2.66KG of CO2, a fully grown tree would offset 21KG per annum and the current cost of planting a tree with Home tree is €4.00. In spite of COVID we continue to make significant measures to reduce its carbon emissions over the last few years by reducing energy consumption, preserve scarce water resources and minimize waste production. We actively protect and promote local biodiversity, buy locally where possible and encourage visitors to use local “green” businesses and services. We will continue to encourage our guests to help us in our attempts to become carbon neutral and to adopt a responsible approach to the environment without reducing the quality or enjoyment of their visit. For more more information visit

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