The Connacht Hotel


Topic: Green Hotel

It’s just over six months since we began or focus on turning the Connacht Hotel into a greener and more environmentally friendly business. Since then we have seen an amazing buy in from our team and countless benefits to the business The first step was to set up a Green Team with members from every department in the hotel whole we’re all tasked with making their own department more environmentally friendly as well as coming up with suggestions for the hotel in general.

We are so proud that we can show in the first 6 months of this year; 

Reduced our straws by 16%
Reduced our Paper usage by 19%
Reduced our Paper cup usage by 75%
Increased our recyclable waste increased by 20%
Reduced our Gas units by 4%



Beach Clean Up

July 17, 2019

Some of the members of our #GreenTeam spent a damp July morning in Rinville Park cleaning up along the coastline.