Our Green Policy

Our green initiatives for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly hotel 

The Connacht Hotel


Our entire team here at the Connacht Hotel are passionate about delivering a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product.  Many initiatives have already been introduced, ideas are emerging and evolving daily.  Our fantastic staff are key to our success and their invaluable input, their insight and their engagement is the cornerstone of our progress to date, albeit at the beginning of our ‘green’ journey, together, we are excited about the road ahead.

Many of our initiatives, goals and opportunities are outlined below:


To preserve and protect our resources for future generations

- All takeaway cups are 100% compostable and compost bins are accessible.
- Used coffee grounds are collected and used as fertilizer in our gardens.
- We are currently planting a ‘bee’ garden within the grounds.


Adopting new ideas • Adapting practices • Embracing change

- Our whole team now use reusable cups for coffees/teas.
- Reusable cups available for guests to purchase, cost includes a donation to charity, an initial fill for free and subsequent fills at a discounted rate.


To be fully engaged in the reduction of our energy consumption and waste production through dedication, education, reusing, recycling

- All waste is separated into general, recycling, food
- We aim to reduce our landfill waste by 10% by 2020
- We aim to reduce our energy consumption by 5% by 2020.
- We aim to reduce our overall water consumption by 5% by 2020.
- Through metering, measuring, monitoring, evaluating and managing.
- To cut by 50% the use of single use, non-compostable plastics by 2020.

Carbon Footprint

To actively reduce CO2 emissions generated directly and indirectly by the hotel

- Use green energy where possible
- Over 90% of lights on the property are LED
- Key Card activated power in all guest rooms
- Purchase local wherever possible
- Encourage the use of public transport for guests and staff alike
- Conveniently located next to a bikeshare hub
- All showers are fitted with water reduction heads
- Daily specials promoting vegan options.
- Electronic and not paper messaging in both public and guest areas.
- Chalkboards and human interaction used to communicate daily specials – not paper.


To work together sharing a common understanding

- Involvement with local charities.
- Sponsorship.
- Promotion of our ‘green’ message through social media.