The Connacht Hotel


A dramatic new interpretation of the world’s oldest surviving literary epic – the story of Gilgamesh. In 2020, a giant appears in Galway. Two thirds god, one third human – his name is Gilgamesh.

Master storytellers Macnas will bring the epic of Gilgamesh to Galway across four seasons in 2020. Macnas will elevate their signature style, taking traditional theatre and storytelling into new outdoor and digital territories.

During spring 2020, the story of Gilgamesh will unfold. Fragments from the epic will appear across the city and county, inviting intrigue and participation from audiences locally, nationally and internationally.

Summer unleashes the spectacle of Gilgamesh outdoors. Two giants meet across a crowded city joined by a panoply of large-scale characters as Galway becomes the stage for one unforgettable night of revelry.

Each season is a self-contained event and can be experienced independently.


Imbolc/ Spring
Gilgamesh: Fragments
Free, appears in the city fleetingly and online – 10, 11, 12 April

Bealtaine/ Summer
ilgamesh: Spectacle
Free, a large scale public spectacle parade in the city – 21 June

Samhain/ Autumn
Gilgamesh: Theatre
This is a ticketed event at The Black Box Theatre – 19 to 28 November

Gilgamesh: Epilogue
Free, a closing event in a rural location – 12 December

Each of the four seasons is a self-contained event and can be experienced independently.