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When it comes to booking hotel rooms, experienced travellers know that the best way to save money is by booking direct. Here at the Connacht Hotel, booking direct is always the way to go. Our January offer, gives you the option to book now for January and pay later with your saving of 15% on the best available rate. 

Vanessa Prendergast
Business woman of the year

We also spoke to Vanessa Prendergast of the blog, Blondewandering. A flight attendant and blogger she is in the ideal job to be a travel blogger. One of her favourite sayings is “A mile of highway will take you one mile, but a mile of Runway can take you anywhere.”  

Three things that she has learned while travelling;

1. When choosing where to stay, make sure you choose somewhere that’s right for you. Book through the hotel directly, either on their website or by phone. Download the Uber app especially when abroad as it is the cheapest and safest way to get around.

2. Make sure to pack a spare change of clothes in your carry on bag, especially when travelling by air. I always have an overnight kit onboard with me even when working.

3. Stay safe at all times. Be smart about tagging yourself on social media as you never know who’s watching. That has genuinely been one of the biggest things I’ve learned while travelling and being active on social media.”

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Nelly Says
Galway Women's Football Club

We also spoke to Nelly Says, an Irish Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel Blogger.

"I love all things to do with fashion, fitness, and beauty. I am definitely not a fitness fanatic, a Nigella Lawson or a makeup artist, but these are things that I have a great deal of appreciation for.." 

1. Pack Less
Just bring your staples; jeans, boots & blazer. Forget about packing 6 outfits for a weekend away.
Less is more and dress your basics up. Less choice means you'll be faster at getting ready.

2. Get Lost
I've gone to so many places where I've overreached and nearly broke my neck trying to try or go to a bar or restaurant I read about online or on a blog. A lot of the time I wasted more time than I needed on trying to find these places. I think you need to pick a general area to wander around, get lost, and find the little local gems that way.

3. Book Direct
I find the key to saving money while travelling is to book your hotel directly through its website or call them. Hotels are able to offer you better deals themselves.

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So there you have it, if your new years resolution was to travel more and save money it is actually possible buy booking with us using promo code #DIRECT. Keep an eye on to see our upcoming deals.

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